Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I was reading a blog ( family law prenutual agreements etc. to prevent some of the abuse and trauma that families may go through in a divorce.  Divorce is always a trauma to everyone. Couples you see together you suddenly are not together. Part of the reason for divorce is the lack of parenting skills. Their parents did not have training and neither did there parents. It is hard to know just which came first the chicken or the egg. Another part may be the education that they received. With our education system in even worse shape now. If we began to teach our teens what they really need to know then they may be good students, good employees good providers and good parents.

With plummeting achievement scores in many of the urban cities there is an immediate need to have an entrepreneurial approach to education as well as traditional values .

Entrepreneurship teaches you ways to approach goals and obstacles that bring out the skills needed for success in any venture-it tests your adaptability, creativity, resilience, and vision for what you want to accomplish. Learn more about the benefits of the experience of entrepreneurialism for high school students as well as adults at

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