Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Entrepreneurship: A Valuable Experience for Life

No matter how you earn a living, an entrepreneurial approach to your work can be both personally and financially rewarding. Having an experience of entrepreneurship, whether for extra spending money or for your bread and butter, teaches you ways to approach goals and obstacles that bring out the skills needed for success in any venture.

When you launch an enterprise, be it baby-sitting, a lemonade stand, a convenience store, or a high-tech service company, you enter an exciting arena that tests your adaptability, creativity, resilience, and vision for what you want to accomplish. You practice skills that serve you well throughout your life, at work, at home and in your community: critical thinking, problem-solving, innovation, creativity, enrolling communication, and teamwork.

Regardless of the business you start, as an entrepreneur you quickly realize that you are responsible for everything, even things you delegate to others. You have a stake in the success of the enterprise, and where you engage other people, that means you have a stake in their success as well. Take this approach with your workgroup, committee, or sports teammates, and you’ll be amazed at the ideas that start to flow, the work that gets accomplished, and the “can do” attitude that spreads throughout the team. And when people work together this way, innovation and creativity flourish, and they can solve problems they didn’t know how to solve.

By Barbara Osach

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