Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Korean college students drop out at a 44% rate are not prepared to be independant
this blog is in response to a recent blog commenting on Korean students dropping out of US colleges.

As with any student in high school getting ready for college or the workforce Korean students are not being prepared to be on their own. Having 44% of Korean college students drop out with less numbers of students in college is even more distressing. The drop out rate among Koreans of 44% is far greater than the 34% of American, 25% of Chinese and 21% of Indian students.
These Korean students are in Korea and come to the states to go to school face the same challenges as their counterparts throughout the world.

The education system is not preparing these capable students to be independent thinkers. The curriculum that they receive allows them to get good grades but that does not translate into usable skills. They do not practice leadership, adaptability or to work in teams for example. Even though Korean students have their parents coaches and structured learning they are not being prepared for life.

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